A Thank You From A Father To His Children

Alana SoumasOf all of the things I’ve accomplished in my life, I am most proud to be the father of Alana, Jordan and Michael.Jordan Soumas

Michelle GershYou made the journey that much more fun just by being yourselves!

The unforgettable memories that only a father can experience from Alana‘s #kungfu grip on my finger when feeding you as an infant, Alana Soumasto your killer cross over dribble , to attending so many games with Michael , you as a player and always us in the stands at some game, to marathon Madden Football sessions with Jordan and us seeing the last game at the old Yankee Stadium together , to the countless number of games I coached each of you or was your biggest fan in the stands; life’s been one magical moment after the other. Certainly none of this could have happened without my partner in life at the time , Michelle, whose kindness, love and support helped us  build together a lifetime of memories. Dreams became a reality, August 14, that special day in our life. Jordan Soumas

Michelle GershMy greatest treasure in life is my children. We may not be perfect, but I love you with all my heart.

Peter Soumas

Playing at halftime of the NJ Nets vs. Denver Nuggets game, 2007

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there on this special day !

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You’re 21 Jordan Soumas !

Jordan Peter SoumasSo my son, Jordan Soumas , turns 21 tomorrow. So many thoughts run through a parent’s head when a child of theirs reaches a milestone age but this one is so very special because he’s the youngest of our children.Michelle Gersh

Jordan Peter Soumas

Michael, Poppy Bernie, Jordan and Alana

As your Dad I only want the very best for you Jordan. Just as the day of your birth changed my life forever, and your mother’s as well, so does this 21st birthday.

Jordan Peter Soumas

Halloween 1996

As the youngest of our children, there was less drama than Michael, our first and Alana, our first daughter. But, Jordan, what you brought was joy and excitement to your Mom and Dad from the day you were born. Not only the best smile but the best laugh and a joy for life that I some of you’d rub off on more people in this world.

Jordan Peyer Soumas

Universal Studios 2004, Alana, Jordan and Michael

Jordan Peter Soumas

Jordan Peter SoumasJojo, you will never know unless you have a son of your own like you, how much it meant to me and your Mom  when we were in Mt. Sinai Hospital and she gave birth to you. I know my words read like a continuous recording, but you should never forget what your Mother had to grow through each time she gave birth to each of our children . She was never allowed to take, as most expectant Moms are allowed to, an epidural to ease the pain. As the warrior that she is, and why I’ll forever love and admire her as she lived through the  most excruciating of pains to give birth each time . Through all the pain she still wanted to have more children. She is selfless to the end. All the coaching and support can never transfer the pain Mom went through but as you’ve gotten to know her over these past 21 years I am sure it does not surprise you. It is what has always defined her .Michelle Gersh

Jordan Peter Soumas

Your 11th Birthday Party at Kiku in Alpine, NJ.

Peter Soumas and Jordan SoumasFathers and sons sometime don’t always show their love for each other and as they get older sons find it uncomfortable to hug their Dad in public and we count on our children understanding in our heart how much we love them.

Jordan Peter SoumasAs to the future, I do not know of anything I could say to you more than I have previously said to you in our life together.  I tried to pass on to you the ideals one should strive for. It is sure I have not been perfect, have made many mistakes and have not always been perfectly honest. As a boy you  had to learn just the same as I did; a fractured family stinks and children do not know who or where to turn to and so they choose the person they live with most of the time.Jordan Peter Soumas

Jordan SoumasYour Mother and I are both very good people even though you kids never really felt that way once the divorce process began. I am sorry for that.

Jordan Peter Soumas

Cape Cod 2006, Alana, Jojo and Mike

Believe it or not, Jordan, you saw your Dad through some of the hardest times in his life and your love and support is the reason I am here today; there’s no doubt in my mind.

Peter Soumas

Playing at halftime of the NJ Nets vs. Denver Nuggets game, 2007

Michelle GershAs you grow into the man you have become I do hope you keep your faith in your religion and live by the example your parents gave to you. It will probably change and reform and be remolded many times in your life. One thing is essential which I hope you already know. The golden rule of always try to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Have your belief whatever it maybe. Be true to yourself and your family.

Jordan Peter Soumas

Disneyland 2002

Above all don’t be a hypocrite by professing one and living another, as so many men do today. Be true to yourself Jordan and you’ll be a value to the world. You’re a special soul and only good things will happen to you and for you in your life.  There are nights I stay up. laying awake and replaying so many moments of your life Jordan. The first day of nursery school. The first day of kindergarten, riding the waves in at the Vineyard, the Haunted House at Universal and thousands and thousands of more. You made being a Dad so much fun Jordan.

Jordan Peter SoumasWe lost so much of our life together but I wanted to share a few thoughts and words that I never had a chance to tell you but words that you should live your life with. If I had listened to myself I can assure you my life and our life would’ve been different. Jordan Peter Soumas

Michelle GershNever let the sun set on an argument: Marriage is a subject I have never had too much time to talk to you about as time just flew by Jordan. Now I don’t know if I shall ever have time to so I will cover some of it now. Probably most important is to remember there are two sides to everything. No marriage is smooth at all times. You will feel sometimes that you are doing all the giving and your wife is doing all the taking but at times like this if you will remember to give more, try to understand the other side also, you will come through most troubles OK.

Jordan SoumasMarriage, especially in the first few years is an adjustment in life for both partners​ but from the start try to get small misunderstandings out in the open and talk about them and then they go away. One last must: never go to sleep angry. Talk it out, kiss and make up before going to sleep. These words will provide a lifetime of value and happiness. I still do this day search for reasons why we, your Mom and I, could not work things out but I guess the words I share with you I did not live by myself. A marriage is what you make of it Jordan. Your Mom, Michelle, was my foundation, my life. I adored every single part of her and yet I failed in letting her know that and having her believe me.

Michelle Gersh

2006, Alana’s Birthday Weekend in Hyannis

On May 28, 1996 our lives changed forever. Your birthday is a fulfillment of a dream realized for me and I am sure your Mom as well. Jordan Soumas

Jordan Peter Soumas

Jumping the bridge at State Beach, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

God bless you Jordan.

I’ll never be able to hold you in my arms ever again as I once did. You’re no longer my little baby but you’ll always be my buddy.

I hope you have the most amazing life because when you think about it, for all you’ve done already, it’s really only first begun.

I love you my buddy and I always will, Love, Dad

Jordan Peter SoumasJordan Peter SoumasJordan Peter SoumasJordan Peter Soumas

Michelle Gersh

2005 Martha’s Vineyard

Jordan Peter Soumas

Stacking up, Peter Soumas, Jordan Soumas, Michael Soumas and Alana Soumas



Missing My Son

If there can ever be a bright spot to the saddest days of my life, and a regrettable divorce, it is the incredible bond I built with my buddy, Jojo. In a house of three children and split responsibilities it is nearly impossible to find the time to give focus on only one of your children but as my two older children grew and spent much of their time with their friends I was able to see Jordan almost every weekend and some Wednesdays.jojo-kiku

The people that write books on divorce and children have no concept of what separation, divorce and battles can do to a young man. The process began when Jojo was 10 and the terminology was foreign to him as it was to his Dad. We tried so hard to make it the best part of our life at the time. When we tried to spend more time together, we were told no. When you wanted to voice your opinion it was squashed and your amazing nature just felt it wasn’t worth it to argue. You’re such an amazing person Jordan and I learned as much from you as you did from me.

What does it mean to wake up and see your father every day of your life and then no longer. Then to be told that this is best, as if your or I had a say in the matter. This is why I think divorce is such a horrible term and process and my little man just simply deserved better.

The boy who found joy in everything in life, who was happiest shooting hoops with his Dad, playing Madden Football or just watching a game together.

Nachos were our passion and we tasted as many places as we could  in the Bergen and Rockland area for the best. Our quest for the best Nachos!

Jordan you were raised with love of two parents who loved each other so very much and loved you even more. A horrible and disgusting process turned us against each other and  your life upside down and you deserved so much better. I am as responsible as everyone else because I let it happen. As your father I should have done more for you.

You are an amazing young man, who will find your passion in life, and you’ll excel at it. Your personality and magnetism will help you attract anything you want in life and you’re on your way. Should you every change your mind and feel different than you do, your Dad is always there for you as he always was. Miss you buddy……..Love, Dad.

Happy Passover Jordan

Wishing you a Happy Passover, Jojo.
I miss you and love you and wish you felt different from the way you do.
I will always love you and hope you can forgive and allow us to build a friendship and relationship that fathers should have with their children. I can tell you as I get older I wish I had done a better job as an adult cultivating a relationship with my father and before you know it , the chances disappeared.
You mean so much to me and though I have a very hard time understanding how little I mean to you this is the life I have earned.
Passover was always such a special time for me and I hope for us.
Hoping one day things change,
Love ,
DadHappy Passover Jordan Soumas


We have no idea what tomorrow may bring, though I pray and hope we reverse the course of where we are.  In the end we are judged on our results and rarely on the path we take to get there.  Jordan Soumas

Success in life is never measured in how much money we make but in finding love and creating a family. It’s about having fun with those you love most and spending time with them.

Though I can’t go back and make a brand new start, I know and will always believe that we can start from today and make a brand new ending.

Jordan SoumasJordan, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

This short little video is a dedication to my three beautiful children, Alana, Jordan and Michael and their amazing mother, Michelle, the love of my life ( and we only ever have that one true love; that’s what made it true).

The Jo Man On His Way To College

It is beyond incredible to think that my little man, no longer little, is beginning college. It is a reminder of how tragically fast time flies by and before you know it from having that first catch with a football, that first game of 1 on 1 and he is moving in to the next phase of his life.

Summer 2005 JJ and D

If I can leave my children, each of them, with any words to try to bring some sense in to where we each have been, where we are and where we are going it is this…………….

Love people in this very moment and exactly where they are, for you cannot know their journey in the past nor their direction in the future.

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I love you Jordan so very much.


Who Da Man- Jordan Soumas!!!

Jordan Soumas, getting ready to attack the bridge at State Beach, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard!

Watching what his brother Michael is about to do and getting some key last minute suggestions from Mom, Michelle.

State Beach Bridge

State Beach Bridge

Yes, that is Jordan in full stride !


Jordan Soumas Attacks State Beach Bridge