Missing My Son

If there can ever be a bright spot to the saddest days of my life, and a regrettable divorce, it is the incredible bond I built with my buddy, Jojo. In a house of three children and split responsibilities it is nearly impossible to find the time to give focus on only one of your children but as my two older children grew and spent much of their time with their friends I was able to see Jordan almost every weekend and some Wednesdays.jojo-kiku

The people that write books on divorce and children have no concept of what separation, divorce and battles can do to a young man. The process began when Jojo was 10 and the terminology was foreign to him as it was to his Dad. We tried so hard to make it the best part of our life at the time. When we tried to spend more time together, we were told no. When you wanted to voice your opinion it was squashed and your amazing nature just felt it wasn’t worth it to argue. You’re such an amazing person Jordan and I learned as much from you as you did from me.

What does it mean to wake up and see your father every day of your life and then no longer. Then to be told that this is best, as if your or I had a say in the matter. This is why I think divorce is such a horrible term and process and my little man just simply deserved better.

The boy who found joy in everything in life, who was happiest shooting hoops with his Dad, playing Madden Football or just watching a game together.

Nachos were our passion and we tasted as many places as we could  in the Bergen and Rockland area for the best. Our quest for the best Nachos!

Jordan you were raised with love of two parents who loved each other so very much and loved you even more. A horrible and disgusting process turned us against each other and  your life upside down and you deserved so much better. I am as responsible as everyone else because I let it happen. As your father I should have done more for you.

You are an amazing young man, who will find your passion in life, and you’ll excel at it. Your personality and magnetism will help you attract anything you want in life and you’re on your way. Should you every change your mind and feel different than you do, your Dad is always there for you as he always was. Miss you buddy……..Love, Dad.


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